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Products Small winery equipment Tanks with movable lid type МС 
Tanks with movable lid type МС
Stainless steel tanks for fermentation and storage of wine created for the home master of the wine. Their movable lid with silicone seal can be placed at different levels in the vessel, protecting the wine from oxidation. The tank is provided with cover for protection from dust and dirt. When you use the tank as a fermentation vessel for better control of the process we can offer you heat-exchange plate for cooling or heating, thermometer and strain off cylinder. Horizontal for protecting of plug up the valve or vertical for wine separation from the marc with the help of a pump. When the perforated lid has put the marc can stay submerged for better extraction of the red wines.
Volume Diameter Height
l mm mm
MC 90 396 740
MC 130 476 740
MC 175 476 990
MC 235 637 740
MC 315 637 990
MC 390 637 1240
MC 485 794 990
MC 610 794 1240
MC 735 794 1490
MC 970 999 1240
MC 1165 999 1490
MC 1400 1200 1240
MC 1680 1200 1490
Base equipment
Dust protective lid
• Movable lid
• Pump
• Stand
• Outlet with valve
• Perforated movable lid
• Heat exchange plate
• Thermometer
• Strain off cylinder
• Drainage
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