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Vinificator type EU
Fermentation under pressure is realized in this type of vinificator. The method is applicable with excellent results for both red and white wines production. Formation of thick pomace cap is avoided. Natural mixing of the mass occurs in the tank caused by the violent release of CO2. No mechanical stress upon wine. Automated saturation with oxygen needed for the fermentation itself. Full control upon all parameters of the fermentation.

Volume Diameter Total height
m3 mm mm
8 2100 4250
10 2100 5250
12 2100 6000
15 2100 9750
20 2500 6700
30 3000 7200
40 3200 7900
50 3400 9650
Basic completion
• Upper manhole
• Relief valve
 Heat exchange jacket
• Thermometer
• Oxigenator
• Inlet/Otlet
• Sample cock
• Manhole for total discharge
• Control panel
• Total outlet

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