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Vinificator type DT
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Making the best of its design, which follows the latest trends to red-wine making, that type of vinificator allows creation of limited series top-quality red wines. Those gentle-treating systems for breaking up and plentifully pouring over the "hat" are the main cause for the maximal extraction. Although the full automation of the processes is included the operator is able to control them manually for any specific needs.

Volume Volume,
Diameter Total height
m3 m3 mm mm
DT 6 2 2024 3950
DT 9 3 2359 4400
DT 12 4 2674 4900
DT 15 5 2846 5200
Basic completion

• Upper manhole
• Two-way relief valve
• Rotary system for pour-over the "hat"

• Cleaning system
• Static "hat" crusher
• Lateral fill-up manhole
Heat exchange jacket
• Sample cock
• Thermometer
• Rectangular lower manhole
• Strain-off grid
• Pump unit
• Inlet /Outlet
• Total outlet
• Control panel
- Cycle /Temperature

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