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Basic scheme, equipment types, automatization
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The distillation is a process of dividing the liquid mixtures, consisting of volatile components and based on their different steam compression. The distillation technology means steaming away of the liquid in one of the apparatuses, steam condensation and cooling the condensate in second apparatus and collecting the ready liquid/distillate/ in third apparatus. The distillation is a method for extracting of essential oils from flower and grass cultures. There are the following requirements for obtaining of the essential oils according to this method:

» Preserving the quality of the product i.e. its composition the same like in the raw material;
» Fast and easy extracting of the aroma substances with minimum waste;
» The lowest cost price of the product in comparison with the other possible and equal by extraction methods;
» Use of simple installations;

The detailed information about the process of extracting the essential oils and the technology allows its automation through using of temperature and pressure gauges, controllable valves for water and steam; pumps with frequency control of the revolutions and s.o. use of the subordinations between temperature values in the different phases of the process and the qualities of passed steam, water, and condensate. Important condition is the observing the parameters of the used sources of energy-steam and water and thence automatic regulation. The raw materials for extracting of essential oils acquire optimal characteristics in comparatively short time, depending on meteorological conditions. In the same time it is not recommended long time preserving, because of the sharply debasement of their quality. The campaign for processing of the raw material is marked with smaller quantities in the beginning and in the end and with bigger quantities during its culmination. By this reason every installation is completed with equipment, covered the maximum moments of passing the raw material. This is very important as for the energy effectiveness so for the quality of the extracted oils, which depends on the proportion between the equipment’s dimension and loaded quantity of the raw material. You could look at the principle technological schema below and the main apparatuses in the distillation installation.

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