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Produse Echipamente pentru prelucrarea uleiurilor esentiale din materii prime Echpamente pentru distilatie Aparatura pentru distilare 
Aparatura pentru distilare
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The distiller apparatus is a stationary tank with periodically operation. Depending on the type of the processed raw material and the technical requirements, could be used 3 varieties of the distillation- water, steam and water-steam. The used method has on the one hand different characteristics and different technological conditions and on the other hand different thermal and material balance. The distiller apparatus consist of cylindrical body with conical bottom and cover with a trunk. The trunk joins the distiller apparatus with the condenser-cooler. To the internal cover’s side is welded protective grid, which prevents the crossing of the hard elements in the raw material through the trunk into the condenser-cooler. The leading of the processed raw material is made through the conical bottom or the grass scrapes basket. The steam enters into the distiller apparatus through the so called steam-distributor, assembled to the bottom of the apparatus. The steam distributor is perforated and his openings are located sideward or at the down side in order to avoid his blocking with the raw material’s elements and better distribution of the steam to be achieved. On the bottom is also assembled heating serpentine.

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