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Produse Echipamente pentru prelucrarea uleiurilor esentiale din materii prime Echpamente pentru distilatie Sistem de cohobare 
Sistem de cohobare
The cohobating system consists of cohobator, heater and cooler. After the oil is released, in the distillation water, remains some percent essential oil, which could be dissolved into the water or emulsified into the water. In order the waste of essential oils to be decreased, the distillation water is put under repeated distillation-cohobation. The cohobation is made purposely in order to be increased the concentration of the oil in the water, which will lead to exfoliating of the oil. The distillation water from the receiving tank is collected in a tank and is continually transmitted to constantly active cohobator. This is a column with rashing rings, connected to the heater and the cooler. From the tank the distillation water is flowing into the heater, where is heated and flows out in the upper part of the cohobating column. There with the help of perforated pipe the water is uniformly dispersed over the rashing rings. The cohobator’s down part is called evaporator. The evaporator has serpentine for the direct steam. The water steam and the distillate are running in counter flow. The water steam enters into a contact with the essential oil, gives a part of its heat and is partial condensed. The essential oil is carried away from not condensed water steam. Running upwards, the water steam is continually enriched of essential oil. The mixture of water and essential oil leaves the cohobator and is directing to the heater, where is heated the distillation water, coming into the cohobating column. The Partially chilled mixture enters into the cooler, where the steam is continually condensed and cooled and flows to the receiving tank.

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