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Produse Echipamente pentru prelucrarea uleiurilor esentiale din materii prime Echpamente pentru distilatie Rezervor de receptie 
Rezervor de receptie
Anteriorul Urmatorul
This tank is intended to take the distillate and to release the essential oil from the distillation water. The tank’s structure is based on the principle of the interconnected vessels by not mixed liquids. The pipe, through which the distillation water is entering in the receiving tank, is close to the bottom, in order to be avoided the possibility for carrying away the essential oil. The first end of the pipes for leading the distillation water is reaching the receiving tank’s bottom, and the other end of the pipe-with the form of plughole, is connected with a vessel for collecting the distillation water. The plughole is lifting up till height, the same one like the height, which has to be reached by the essential oil. In the practice this is so called Florentine tank. The effectiveness of the receiving tank depends on the way of the distillation water mixture till the base of the plughole. After the water enters into the plughole, the exfoliating is cut off.

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